Indian Club Testimonials

Tommy Kono - Winner of 2 Olympic Gold Medals - 8 Time World Champion -- Set 26 World Records over 4 bodyweTommy Konoight classes -- 3 time Mr. Universe
Here are a few quotes on shoulder recovery from his latest book, "Championship Weightlifting": Although the weight of the Indian Clubs may be only a pound or two, it isn't so much the weight, but smoothness of the swing and the rhythm that increases the mobility of the shoulders, elbows and wrists. A few minutes spent in working with the Indian Clubs will more than pay off in great dividends as a recovery exercise. I bring your attention to this type of training because I have benefited from them and feel there is a need to promote flexibility in the shoulders without taxing them.
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Lauren Harris
Director of Strength & Conditioning,
Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi

We have had a great amount of success with our throwing and stick-and-ball sports usingIndian Clubs the Indian Clubs. Since we started working with the Indian Clubs, we have seen the number of shoulder joint injuries decrease, as well as faster recovery of those athletes that do incur problems. Thoracic mobility is vital in the long term health and performance of an athlete, especially the throwing athlete. Our baseball, softball, track & field throwers and volleyball teams have embraced the value of club swinging. We plan to add tennis and golf to the list this coming fall.

Kalen Allmandinger - Blue Man Group
Blue Man Group is a fun and intense show to perform in. The drumming style we use is Indian Club Training Picturesbig and physical. Besides the normal strain involved with repetitive motion, we play on multiple surfaces, including PVC tubing and paint covered drum heads. We're expected, of course, to be in shape and ready to give 100% in every show. Each performer has his own way of warming up and staying in shape. I find the Indian Clubs to be an amazing tool to strengthen and lengthen my muscles, joints and tendons. Whether I'm just warming up before a performance, cooling down after a performance, or doing some more intense strength building exercises with heavier clubs, I never feel any excess strain from the clubs.

Pat Miletich - 5 time Ultimate Fighting World Champion
With over 40 professional fights I've had to deal with a number of injuries including a Indian Clubspartial rotator cuff tear, a jammed shoulder and cartilage damage. I went through extensive rehabilitation with limited success. I was introduced to Indian Clubs a little over a year ago and I can tell you since using the clubs on a regular basis, "my shoulder now feels solid and 100%." Indian club Exercises are now a necessary part of Miletich Fighting Systems. Not only for me, but all our fighters.
Taekwondo Times, March 2007

Bill Maxwell - Strength and Conditioning Coach, University of Iowa
We utilize the Indian Clubs with our swimming programs during pre- and post-season training. The pre-season program goal is to establish efficient movement patterns with the shoulder, elbow and wrist during dynamic warm-ups for lifting. The post season involves shoulder reconditioning and preparation for overhead lifting. It is a valuable training tool for our program.

Paul Wardlaw
Brown University Tennis Coach, Providence, Rhode IslandClub Bell Training
Indian Club training has become the best way for our tennis players to develop shoulder strength, stability, flexibility, and improved range of motion. The exercises are perfect for tennis, the weight of the club is ideal and our players enter practice ready to pound serves. Thanks for making such a valuable and essential training tool available.
Paul Wardlaw Profile

Michael Latch - Valley Crossfit
In Crossfit, we do a lot of high-intensity weight-lifting and gymnastics. I purchased about a dozen pairs of Indian Clubs to use as a warm-up in our group classes. They were an instant hit. In fact, my athletes are completely spoiled by them now, and request them in every session. Club swinging is fun, helps to both prevent and rehab shoulder injuries, and is an excellent workout in its own right. Thank you MotionRX!

Steve Myrland - Myrland Sports Training LLC
I became interested in Indian Clubs several years ago after speaking with Vern Gambetta. What intrigued us about using the clubs was the training potential of extending the kinetic chain and being able to add resistance in all planes of motion. The clubs are definitely one those training tools that have to be tried to be understood, but the main reason I use them is that they require you to be mindful rather than mindless in your movements. You learn to create fluid, graceful, precise movement patterns, and these patterns are great for you shoulders, elbows, and wrists especially. Baseball and volleyball players, Nordic skiers, and swimmers are some of the athletes who can benefit greatly by adding these functional, inexpensive and portable tools to their training program.

Julio Anta - Anta's Fitness and Self Defense, Miami (Doral), FL
I would like to thank Dr. Ed and Dick Thomas for opening a new world and expanding my horizons in the fitness industry. Incorporating Indian Clubs to my personal training has done wonders for my shoulder injuries. Adding Indian Clubs to my adult fitness classes and my Kung Fu Kids classes has brought new functional training to our center, or should I say old functional training since Indian Clubs have been around for a long time. Sim D. Kehoe was the pioneer of Indian Club training in America at the end of the 19th century. Ed and Dick Thomas are the modern day pioneers of Indian clubs reintroducing this almost dead art.

** Russell Ogata -- Pearl City, Hawaii
I use MotionRX clubs in my Body Conditioning and Physical Education Classes. The Club Bell TrainingDVD has provided a resources for my instruction and background knowledge of Indian Clubs. Clubs have provided my students with a fitness option that brings together the mind and body to create well rounded students. I thoroughly believe in the rehabilitative, integrative and restorative properties of club swinging in muscular training. In this case, it is not good because it's old, it's old because it's good.

** Rannoch Donald -- Scotland, United Kingdom
A deep and sincere thank you to Ed Thomas for keeping the Indian Club alive and well. As a life time martial artist and trainer I have picked up my share of injuries. having dislocated my shoulder twice proceeded by rounds of rehab and treatment I had resigned myself to limited movement and regular discomfort. In the last 18 months, I have used Indian Clubs and Ed Thomas' DVD to rehab my rotator cuff to a point where I have full, unhindered, pain-free range of motion. I regularly train and teach Kettlebells as a senior instructor with the IKFF and I use the clubs to warm up and cool down when training. Do not let the Indian Club's simplicity fool you, this tool offers incredible recuperative benefits.

** Matt Brocklebank - Japan
I started using MotionRX Indian Clubs two months ago as a way to improve my shoulder Indian Club Shoulder Trainingmobility and also as a warm up tool to use before training. I could tell at once that they were not only effective for both, but also great fun, with a challenging aspect that always leaves you looking forward to improving your technique the next time you pick them up. not that it's easy at first, but with the accompanying instructional DVD, you can always go back and watch the techniques over and over again. Also, these clubs are very tough so you don't have to worry about them breaking if you drop them (like I've done on more than one occasion!) I highly recommend them as a great addition to anyone's training regiment.

Chris Hall - Symmetry Fitness, LLC, New York, NY
The Indian Clubs are great! I have clients ranging from college bound students to men and women in their 80's using the clubs for different reasons. Some are using for warming up or cooling down before and after a workout while others are using as their main activity to help promote or maintain coordination and flexibility of the shoulder girdle. We have several physical therapists using the clubs as a rehab tool.

Stephen Browne - Martial Arts Instructor, Warsaw, Poland
There is just nothing like a workout with the clubs for general health, mobility and flexibility. Its' good for anyone but especially good for the martial artist because along with the loosening of the shoulder girdle, it promotes coordination and strength in motion. Since I started using clubs about a year ago, I also found a heavier set and have been exploring lots of different exercises based on my practice of Filipino-Kali-Escrima.

Marc Andresen - Fitness Performance, Glen Gardner, NJ
Besides adding interest and a new challenge to any routine, the Indian Clubs contribute neuromuscular and cognitive stimulation that can't be duplicated with any other equipment. I'm just beginning to learn about cross-pattern movement and right/left brain function, and I feel that clients can benefit from the clubs in ways they might not even realize. At Fitness Performance, we strive for integrated whole body movements instead of part-by-part workouts, and club swinging fits right into this method of training.

Dr. Mark Schmall D. C. - Chiropractor, Rock Island, IllinoisIndian Clubs Training

I purchase a pair of Indian Clubs and video about a year ago for therapy of chronic shoulder pain. I have now been using the clubs for one year and have achieved a much greater range of motion an decreased pain. I have now prescribed the clubs to my patients who tell me of the same results. I would highly recommend the use of Indian Club Exercises for chronic shoulder pain and loss of range of motion.

Ken Daley - Associate Professor Department of Exercise and SportsSciences, Maharishi University of Management Associate Editor of the SportScience Website
Indian Club training was introduced at the University about two years ago, Since then, our students have really gravitated to Indian Club exercises. The rhythm of club Swinging has an appeal that feels almost primordial. I would rate Club Swinging as one of the best body/mind exercises that exist. The psychomotor control it develops is complex and exotic, stirring joy at every swing.