Benefits Include:
  • Improves Shoulder Efficiency¬†& Mobility
  • Develops Coordination
  • Strengthens Back & Shoulders
  • Improves Elbow & Wrist Flexibility
  • Improves Range of Motion

The shoulder girdle is by far one of the most movable areas of the body but it is also one of the most fragile. For serious and recreational athletes alike, the pain and instability that results from shoulder injuries can jeopardize careers and alter lifestyles.

As with many injuries, this number could be greatly reduced with the proper care and training. Strength of the shoulder should be complemented by flexibility, yet many Americans never fully develop their natural shoulder girdle mobility and muscular balance. When the ball-and-socket joint of the shoulder is made strong, aligned and mobile, other joints like the wrist and elbow also benefit.

Club swinging can be described as circular weight training but can exercise the shoulder, wrist and elbow in ways not possible with traditional linear weight training. Club swinging will not only strengthen muscles and ligaments, maintain joint flexibility and improve range of motion but will greatly reduce risk of injury.  You will also notice improved grace, rhythm and eye-hand coordination due to the concentration and neural demands necessary to perform the movements. The benefits of Indian Club Exercises are enormous and can greatly enhance the performance of any athlete.